The entire team of Pink Dot Hong Kong would like to thank everyone who came to Pink Dot 2018 last Sunday and made the event the success that it was. It was our 5th anniversary and we would like to thank old and young, men, women and anyone in between, LGBTI+ and allies, Hong Kongers and foreigners and our four-legged friends that came to celebrate inclusiveness, diversity and respect and transform the West Kowloon Cultural District Art Park into a safe place for all.

This year we are especially proud to have been able to give a voice to many other organisations and NGOs. We believe the location of the community booths enabled the public to really see and interact with these amazing groups.

We would like to also thank our sponsors and partners for their support and for believing in us. Without them we wouldn’t be able to put on such a fun and activities packed event and concert.

Finally, even though it is the 5th edition of Pink Dot Hong Kong, all the volunteers that form the organisation team are still learning on how to create the best Pink Dot for Hong Kong and we welcome the community feedback if you think we should do things differently.